Frit Frieze with Fiber

Frieze: a sculptured or richly ornamented band (as on a building or piece of furniture) -Merriam-Webster

Most glass enthusiasts love thick, dimensional glass. Glass casting is one wonderful way to achieve this - but not everyone wants to mess with clay, plaster, and all the other things that casting requires.

Our Frit Friezes are made using our original approach to fiber paper forms. This straigh-foward technique to mold making allows you to design both the shape and texture of your imagery. Careful frit placement gives you precise control over color.

Here's an overview of what you'll learn in this exciting class:

Like many classes taught at Helios, the technique and process used in Frit Frieze with Fiber were developed in our studio and are not taught elsewhere.

Visit the gallery to see examples of work from this class!

  • 8 hours instruction & work time
  • Glass and supplies needed to complete class projects
  • Use of necessary tools
  • All kiln firings
  • Free "studio time" for up to six months after the completion of the class to complete class projects.

Class Size: 10 students (max)

Tuition: $275   Includes all glass and firings. No tools to buy.

Prerequisite: Fused Glass for Absolute Beginners (or equivalent)

Teacher: Paul Tarlow

Sessions Dates Days ♦ Times
FFF-170819Aug 19 - Sep 16, 2017Saturdays ♦ 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
(Skip 9/2/2017)