Fused Glass Reactions & Inclusions

Learn to take control of glass reactions, non-glass 'inclusions', and combinations of both exciting approaches for creating distinctive designs in fused glass.

This class is ideal for:

  • Fused glass artists and enthusiasts who love the unique and delicate color effects that can be achieved when fusing certain combinations of glass.
  • Anyone who is intrigued by the possibilities of layering non-glass materials between layers of fused glass.

What we will cover:

Here are many (but not all) of the things you'll learn "Reactions and Inclusions":

  • How to identify combinations of glasses that will - and will not - react when fused together
  • Why glasses react and how different firing schedules can effect reaction intensity
  • Techniques for "blocking" reactions and creating designs and patterns of reactive colors
  • What materials - including (but not limited to) metal foil and leaf - can be sandwiched between layers of glass to create spectacular effects
  • What metals react with certain glasses and can be used for reactive inclusions!

Using a combination of demonstration and plenty of hands-on time, you'll gain experience with multiple techniques while making a number of sample pieces suitable for reference or inclusion in future projects.

You will also make a medium sized plate or bowl so that you can learn how to incorporate reactions and inclusions in full size work.

Our fused glass Reactions and Inclusions class embraces experimentation while considering the infinite possibilities of interacting glasses and non-glass materials. We will cover well understood interactions and fundamentals and explore uncharted territory. Students should come to class curious and willing to try new things.

Includes: •  8 hours instruction & work time
•  Glass and supplies needed to complete class projects
•  Use of necessary tools
•  All kiln firings
•  Unlimited free "studio-time" for class projects

Class Size: 8 students (max)

Tuition: $225 Includes all glass. No tools to buy.

Prerequisite: Fused Glass for Absolute Beginners (or equivalent)

Teacher: Susan Hutsko

Sessions Dates Days ♦ Times
RXN-050113May 1 - May 22, 2013Wednesdays ♦ 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
RXN-100913Oct 9 - Nov 6, 2013Wednesdays ♦ 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
(Skip 10/23/2013)