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Join us this week for a Helios favorite - the Glass Swap!

It happens to all of us! A short-lived love affair with one color glass becomes a surplus of Golden Green frit that will last a lifetime. A unfinished strip bowl that has lost its charm mocks us from a dark corner of the studio. Six pairs of tweezers that we just had to have suddenly seem like five pairs too many. This is your chance to trade your "treasures" for something new!

As always, Fusing Friday is free and open to all. We start at 7 PM and will serve have good coffee and light refreshments.


Nothing goes together better than colored glass and light - so we are making wall sconces!

In this special one day workshop you will design and make a huge (22 x 10 inch!) panel to fit into a fully wired wall fixture that can either be hard-wired into an electrical box OR plugged into the wall.

All materials and firings - including the lighting hardware - are included in the class price of just $175! Can you think of a better way to take advantage of our plentiful classroom supplies and giant kiln?

This 3 hour workshop meets once at 9 AM on Thursday, August 30th. The class is scheduled for three hours but students can continue working during Open Studio which starts at noon.

For more information, or to register, please call the studio at 512-996-0960.


In this "guided project" class you'll make a complete bowl or platter (up to 20" combined length and width) from glass that is cut into strips, assembled, and coldworked.

Students will learn different design options (including options for focal "windows"), how to efficiently cut narrow strips of glass, bowl assembly, damming thick work, and finishing.

Completion of this class meets the prerequisite requirements for "Advanced Strip Construction".

For more details, please visit the class web page or call the studio at 512-996-0960.


Are you still buying your glass the old-fashioned way (and paying too much for it)?

Austin's smartest glass fusing artists and enthusiasts know that there is only one way to get the lowest price on Bullseye glass AND get exactly what you want: The Helios "Everyday Bullseye Crate Sale".

Here's how it works:

  1. Choose the glass you want from Bullseye's entire catalog!
  2. Prepay for full or half sheets (or pounds of frit) and save 40%!
  3. Pick it up at Helios when our wholsale order arrives

Even better, our half sheet prices are based on Bullseyes full sheet price per pound - so your savings are even better than you thought!

To learn more about being a smart glass consumer, check out our quick tutorial.

The deadline for our next Bullseye Crate Order is 9 PM, August 18. Please place all orders in-store or by phone. Email orders cannot be accepted (sorry).

See you soon!
Karen and Paul

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