Helios Fused Glass Studio Policies

(last updated on Jan 1, 2013)

Liability Waiver

All students and customers are required to sign a Helios liability waiver before taking any class or using Helios tools, equipment or materials.

Studio Safety

Helios may provide eye, ear, and respiratory protection, but safety is the responsibility of students and customers.

Safety glasses must be worn in the classroom and in the cold working room.

Closed shoes, covering all parts of the foot below the ankle, are required when in the classroom and cold working room.

We recommend students wear long pants, shoes with socks and natural fiber clothes.

Students must be at least 17 years old participate in any Helios class or activity. Students who are 17 years old must provide a liability waver signed by a legal guardian or parent.

Class Registrations, Deposits, and Cancellations


You may register for classes in person or by phone. We do not accept email registration requests.

Payment in full is required for classes priced at $100 (before discounts) or less.

A 50% deposit is required to register for classes priced over $100 (before discounts). Any outstanding balance is due the first day of class.


For classes taught by Helios staff (except “Boot Camps”), class deposits are refundable for studio credit only if the cancellation request is made more than 14 days before the first day of class. Students who cancel class 14 days or less before the start of class are not entitled to a refund.

For classes taught by visiting instructors and “Boot Camps”, deposits are non-refundable except:

  1. When cancellation requests are made 45 or more days before the start of class, AND
  2. An alternative student is found to fill the class vacancy created by the cancellation.

When both requirements are met, students are entitled to an 80% refund of their deposit payable within 30 days after the scheduled start of class.


Students who register for three qualifying classes at one time are eligible for a 15% discount on class tuition at the time they register. Qualifying classes include all Helios staff taught classes with a non-discounted price of more than $100.

Discounts are never provided “retroactively” after registration.


Students who miss a class due to illness or personal emergency may be eligible for a “make-up” session at the sole discretion of Helios staff.

Students are allowed one free make-up session in a calendar year. There is a $35 fee for all make-up sessions after the initial free session.

Make-up sessions:

Auditing & Observing

Due to the classroom size and in consideration of students who have paid to participate in a class, we do not allow "auditing" or "just watching".

This policy does not apply to students who have special needs (for example a hearing impaired student who requires a sign language translator). Please inform Helios staff of any such requirements in advance of the first class.

Deadlines for Customer Projects

Students may work during open studio, at no additional cost, on unfinished class projects and “all-in-one” projects for a period of six months following the completion of class or the start of the all-in-one project. After six months, all normal material and studio fees will apply.

Class and “all-in-one” projects that are abandoned will be discarded. An abandoned project is defined as any project on which no work has been done for 90 days. Extensions may be provided at the discretion of Helios staff. Refunds are not provided on discarded abandoned projects.

Changes to These Policies

Helios may, from time to time, update or change these studio policies. These policies can be found on this page. In addition, we will notify customers subscribed to our email list. You can sign up for our email list here.