Jewelry Mini Boot Camp

At Helios we have several excellent classes for making fused glass jewelry and small components. In this Mini Boot Camp we are picking the best techniques and teaching them all in a three day class!

You'll learn to make perfect glass holes without drilling, luscious color fading pendants, simulated stone, dimensional dichro pieces, do-it-yourself flexible glass, and more!

While students in this class will work on small pieces, all the techniques can be adapted and put to use in full-sized, non-jewelry work.

What we will cover:

Here are many (but not all) of the things you'll learn in the Helios Jewelry Mini Boot Camp:

  • create beautiful transparent color gradients at the edge of your work
  • fuse glass "donuts" and create perfect holes without any drilling
  • make flexible glass (using everyday ingredients) that can be cut with scissors or a craft knife before firing
  • mix your own "faux stone" frit recipes for real-looking stone in unexpected colors
  • several techniques for using dichro to achieve exceptional depth and maximum sparkle

With a balanced combination of discussion, demonstration and plenty of hands-on time, our fused glass Jewelry Mini Boot Camp is a great way to expand your glass fusing skills.

The Helios classroom is well stocked with tools, supplies, and glass (including every color and size frit that Bullseye manufactures).

Visit the gallery to see examples of work from this class!

Includes: •  3 days of instruction & work time
•  All glass and supplies
•  Use of necessary tools
•  All kiln firings

Tuition: $650   Includes all glass. No tools to buy.

Teacher: Paul Tarlow

Sessions Dates Days ♦ Times
BMJ-180615Jun 15 - Jun 17, 2018Fri - Sun ♦ 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM