Modeling Glass: A New Way to Create with Lois Manno

Session 1:   August 11 -13, 2018 (3 Days)
Saturday - Monday (10 AM - 6 PM each day)

Session 2 :   August 15 -17, 2018 (3 Days)
Wednesday - Friday (10 AM - 6 PM each day)

Class Size:   10 students
Tuition:   $700 - includes all materials, use of tools and firings

Glass Bird Studios founder Lois Manno has been a professional artist and author for the last 30 years. Her glass feathers are renowned within the glass fusing community where fellow artists have long asked for classes on Lois's previously proprietary methods of forming dimensional glass. Helios is honored to be one of a select few studios where Lois will be teaching in 2018.

Glass feathers. Copyright Lois Manno. All rights reserved.

About the Class

Traditional techniques of working with frit and powdered glass to create three-dimensional objects tend to be labor-intensive, messy, and require specialized glass casting knowledge. Over the past five years, Lois Manno has Glass feathers. Copyright Lois Manno. All rights reserved. developed an entirely new way to work with powders to create fully dimensional work without the undesirable features of casting. The results of her efforts are unlimited possibilities.

In this three day workshop, Lois will teach all the basics of making and working with Modeling Glass™. Students will make multiple projects, including learning step-by-step how to make their own realistic glass feathers. Students will also be introduced to other ways of working with Modeling Glass while they explore just some of the nearly limitless possibilities.

Display methods will be discussed and demonstrated. Students will receive a starter pack of Glass Bird Studios Modeling Glass System to take home after the class. All firing schedules will be provided.

Glass feathers. Copyright Lois Manno. All rights reserved.

About Lois Manno

Lois Manno is a lifelong fine artist and award-winning writer, but fused glass has become her favorite medium. Her work is in galleries across the country, and she is represented in many collections, including the Department of the Interior. She has been a guest blogger for Bullseye Glass and has devoted herself to perfecting Modeling Glass over the past several years. Lois is excited to share this new product with the glass community and can't wait to see what creative doors it will open. View more of Lois's' work on her website at and on Facebook at Glass Bird Studios.

Special Note: Prepared Modeling Glass, ready to mix with glass powder, is required for Lois's techniques and will be available for purchase from Helios and other fusing suppliers.