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Paragon Kilns

Helios is proud to be a Central Texas distributor for Paragon Kilns.

Based right here in Texas, Paragon is the top choice for many glass kilnforming artists. Their kilns are used extensively by Bullseye and - soon - will be the primary production kiln at Helios.

Here's why Helios prefers Paragon:

  • Safety: 99% of Paragon kilns are tested to UL (Underwriters Laboratory) standards and the company is reviewed on-site by UL quarterly.
  • Innovation: From their patented LiteLid system for effortless opening of even the largest lids to their to a groove design that eliminates pins to crimpless connectors and hinged controller housing for easy upgrades and repairs - Paragon builds kilns that meet real-world fusing requirements.
  • Reliability: Paragon has manufactured over 380,000 kilns since they were founded in 1948. What do 60 years of kiln engineering and manufacturing experience get you? Unparalleled reliability.
  • Value: When you look at the features, quality, warranty and cost per cubic foot of kiln space Paragon offers unbeatable value.

You can learn more about Paragon's extensive product line at www.paragonweb.com. Be warned - they have countless models and options across 20 product lines - but that's where Helios can help.

Nobody in Texas can give you a better price on a Paragon kiln – and when you purchase a kiln from us we include free enrollment in our Kiln and Firing Schedule Fundamentals workshop and full support (including providing firing schedule assistance).

Excellent Hand Tools

Having the right tool for the job can be the difference between success and frustration.

Helios carries a selection of some of the glass industry's best hand tools including those from companies like Toyo, Bohle/Silberschnitt amd Leponitt.

In most cases our studio is equipped with each of the tools we sell and customers are invited to try them before purchasing.

We also carry a variety of tools for working with frits and powders, including Thompson "flat bottom" and line sifters.