Kiln and Studio Use

Helios has one of the best equipped glass fusing studios in the country. That's good news for you because we make almost all our equipment available on a rental basis at very reasonable prices.

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Kiln Firing $10 per quarter shelf (10"x 10")
Other sizes available at proportional rates.
Standard fusing, fire-polish/tack-fusing, and slumping schedules. For other firings please ask.
Open Studio - Basic FREE!
Includes use of hand tools (cutters, breakers, etc.), and glass grinders.
Open Studio - Blast $16 per hour
Includes everything in our Basic studio time and adds use of sandblasting and airbrush equipment.
Studio Time - Full Access $24 per hour
Includes everything in Basic and Blast (above) and adds full access to our exceptional cold-working studio:
  • 104" Vertical Wet Belt Sander
  • MK-101 Professional Tile Saw
  • 12" Diamond Flat Grinder
  • 30" Grit (slurry) Flat Grinder
  • Diamond Hand Pads
  • Assorted other materials for handworking glass

Other blades/wheels/belts are provided - but are "public access" and may not be optimal quality. Students are encouraged to provide their own wheels, belts and blades as appropriate.

Students must be certified for tool use. In most cases, you may use any tool that you have used in a Helios class. For other circumstances, please speak to us.